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Those hands are amazing

WooleyWorld responds:

Your hands are amazing. <3

Not bad. Your characters limps are a bit blocky, and the movement seems a bit random. Very well animated, but the speed of limb movement doesn't seem to match up.
Are you using an auto lip sync? Possibly Character Animator for the girl?
Your character design is very clean, and your use of effects are top notch! The hair moving looks great. Same with the 2.5 or 3d background, looks fantastic.

ChrisMckiernan responds:

No, I don't have any auto lip sync program or feature.
I'm just listening to the audio and key framing the mouth shapes where I think they should be. So I'm doing it manually.

As for the programs I use its always:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere.

But I've slowly been using Autodesk Maya and drifting more towards 3D animation in my projects.

Yes I agree about the speed of the limb movement.
I was having trouble with the frontal run cycle on the samurai.
I need more practice with that.

Thank you for the review:)

I dig it. the movement is clean. did you do the audio is well, or is this a dub from something?

MrNormalDraws responds:

The audio is from another source.

This is great. The train was pretty great, but the movement could be a bit smoother. overall pretty good

chrisdercheata responds:

Thx for the comment and the rating.
Thats Right, movement smoother is another word for mostly from 20 pictures to 40, thats why i cheated a little bit.

Great narration!

NahManacles responds:

Thank you!

lol, great character movement!

chromedome113 responds:

Oh wow, thank you. Past animations I've made have been rather stiff looking, so I decided to just do the body on one layer and practice being more loose with movement. I'm glad it paid off!

Boob Punch. Well done, there is a ton of action!

SuperLME responds:

I know! There's always a groin shot gag in movies and television. Why is it there's never a female version? You hardly ever see it the other way around.


I dig the joke ^_^

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Thanks Eric!

Nice! The backgrounds look purdy good! The heads of the dinosaurs look great. I got some tips and tricks... It kind of looks obvious when you cut corners, especially with textures on the rocks and bushes, you can kind of fix this by slightly adjusting colors and brightness, but i would try steering away from that. It would have been cool to have the bushes in a symbol in which they move, so you could set them to single frame as a standard on the timeline, and as the characters pass each one, set to Loop. so it appears as they brushed against the bushes.
the trees look really good, (i cant even tell how you made them). I really like the variety of color and texture on the trees. That being said, having a highly detailed background, and low level detail on characters, is conflicting and a bit distracting. I would suggest either adding some more texture to the characters, or maybe putting a slight blur to the background.
Darkening the back layer of trees would give a slight illusion of distance, rather than brightening.

anyways, i hope this was hopefully and not annoying. Keep it up brotha

~Eric Polley

KatolSteele responds:

Aha ha! thanks bro. This was a good critique. As always, I have room to improve and I will take all these into consideration. Thanks man

guess i didn't make the cut :P

rubberonion responds:

i love that you submitted something and we'll talk about it on the podcast... your video, reason i didn't include it, and a solution i have around that for the future

i make things.

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