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To Goof A Predator To Goof A Predator

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Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice! The backgrounds look purdy good! The heads of the dinosaurs look great. I got some tips and tricks... It kind of looks obvious when you cut corners, especially with textures on the rocks and bushes, you can kind of fix this by slightly adjusting colors and brightness, but i would try steering away from that. It would have been cool to have the bushes in a symbol in which they move, so you could set them to single frame as a standard on the timeline, and as the characters pass each one, set to Loop. so it appears as they brushed against the bushes.
the trees look really good, (i cant even tell how you made them). I really like the variety of color and texture on the trees. That being said, having a highly detailed background, and low level detail on characters, is conflicting and a bit distracting. I would suggest either adding some more texture to the characters, or maybe putting a slight blur to the background.
Darkening the back layer of trees would give a slight illusion of distance, rather than brightening.

anyways, i hope this was hopefully and not annoying. Keep it up brotha

~Eric Polley

KatolSteele responds:

Aha ha! thanks bro. This was a good critique. As always, I have room to improve and I will take all these into consideration. Thanks man


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was very interesting. The movement was much better than the trailer. well done!

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